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Internet access will be available after establishment of Satellite connectivity (installation of Earth stations). Regular web-hosting and e-mail services are already available.

Bahnhof Business
Registration and set up of your own selected ST domain name
Example domain:
50 MB disk space for web-hosting
Possible to use your own cgi-script
Personal support (in São Tomé)
E-mail forwarding for your ST domain
Optional promotion on tourist site (free of charge)
Price Bahnhof Business account: 20 US dollar / month
(Please note that Internet access is not included!)

Bahnhof Student
10 MB disk space for personal homepage
ST domain name:
ST e-mail:
(Access available through Bahnhof ST, Cyber-Cafe)

Bahnhof Fast Access
Do you want to access the Internet with international standard? Do you want a connection that is at least 10 times faster than ISDN? Bahnhof ST offers the latest front-end technology of wireless ultra fast Internet connections.
The service is intended for hotels, organizations and firms in São Tomé looking for Internet access with international quality. You will be connected through a high bandwidth satellite link, directly with the major global backbone for Internet.
Hotels could set up cyber-cafes for their guests. Make online booking more easy and reliable (Bahnhof also provide credit card payment systems). Organizations and firms can connect their entire local network to the Internet with 24 hour / day access.
Frequently visited web pages could be downloaded through an advanced new web-cache system. You will be connected through a system with wireless antennas directly from our main Earth Station "Strelka" in São Tomé.

    Specification Bahnhof Fast Access:
    Wireless connection to Earth station in São Tomé
    Internet access 10 times faster than ISDN 128 kbps.
    Flat rate. No phone bills!
    Always online: 24-hour connection per day
    Web hosting included (details, Bahnhof Business)
    Reliant and professional e-mail services with your own ST domain
    Professional support
    Firewall and security solutions upon request
    Price: 750 US dollar / month
    Setup fee: 1500 US dollar

Consulting Services
Please contact Bahnhof ST office in São Tomé if you need help with any computer related services. We could assist you with setup of local networks, programming skills, database services, setup of online payment system with credit cards, professional web-design and more.

Promotion and Marketing
Bahnhof ST provides an excellent service for hotels and firms who wish to market themselves on the Internet. This service includes banner and link on the web-site with 10.000 foreign visitors (unique requests) per day. This service is free of charge for all clients of Bahnhof ST. We are happy to promote São Tomé for the international community!

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