Bahnhof ST - ISP in São Tomé and Principe.
Bahnhof ST is an Internet Service Provider located in São Tomé and Principe. The mission is to set up advanced front-end Internet technology, with a network & web-hosting central in São Tomé and Principe, Africa. Bahnhof ST also believes strongly in contributing to the local community by offering information services such as tourist promoting.

Local commitment - cutting edge knowledge!
Both local interests in São Tomé, and a major Swedish ISP and network cooperation (Bahnhof InfoWerk AB), own Bahnhof ST. This constitution guarantees cutting-edge technical quality - with superior local commitment.

Public services - Internet School!
Major public schools of São Tomé and Principe are now connected to the Internet by services from Bahnhof ST. The Internet Schools are open for students in São Tomé under supervision by qualified staff. The primary focus is now to upgrade the speed of the conncetions, and offer more facilites in hardware. Read more about the project here!
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Products and Services
The goal is to offer high-speed Internet connections of international standard by a dedicated independent satellite link (earth station). This service will be complimentary to existing lines mainly used for telephone traffic. Bahnhof ST is only focused in Internet services.
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Plans and projects
How does one accomplish to provide Internet access with international quality in a developing country? We believe that this is possible, and can be done with cost efficient solutions by implementing new cutting-edge technologies (wireless access, web-cache systems, etc.)
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